Bank or Identity Card Stolen on Vacation? You Must Do This


Losing your wallet is never fun, wherever you are. But suppose it happens while you are traveling. What are you doing then? With our tips you know exactly where to continue your carefree journey.


Your identity card

identification card lost

If you are on a flying holiday and your identity card is stolen or lost, your first reaction may be a small panic attack. Fortunately, that is not necessary, because there are enough things that you can arrange before you have to step back on that plane. In the event of theft, you must first go to the local police station to file a report of theft. With that official report and passport photos (which you can take on the spot) you then go to the Belgian embassy or consulate in the country where you are at that moment. You will immediately receive a provisional identity document here.

Are you staying in a country where there is no embassy or consulate: no panic either. Then you move to the representation of another country or that of the European Union.

There are a number of things you can do in advance, from home, to facilitate this procedure. For example, take a photo of your identity card – front and back – and mail it to yourself. This way you can access it from anywhere and you can immediately show the required document numbers to the embassy or consulate. This makes it much easier for them to provide a provisional identity document as quickly as possible. If, after the theft or loss of your identity card, you have other documents with which you can identify yourself, such as your driver’s license, it is best to take these to the embassy.

Have you received a provisional proof of identity? Then you can immediately block your lost identity card or passport by calling DOC STOP, this is essential for preventing identity fraud. A few minutes later your identity card is no longer worth anything and you are spared any financial consequences such as opening a telephone subscription in your name, a purchase by mail, and so on. A while later you will receive a letter confirming your report of loss or theft. You must then request a new, valid document from your town hall as soon as possible after you return home.


Your bank card

bank card

Suppose your bank or credit card was stolen or you lost it. First of all, you must immediately call Card Stop to have your card blocked as quickly as possible. This is possible every day, at any time. What information do you need to provide? The number of cards to be blocked, the type of card, the name of the card issuer (this is often your bank), the account number associated with the lost or stolen card, the card number of the payment card you want to block and the personal details of the cardholder involved. Do you not all have this information available? No problem, the person on the other side of the line helps you determine which card is involved as quickly as possible.

Then go to the local police to report the theft and ask for a copy of the police report. Now it’s time to notify your bank and request a new bank card.

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