Astro Finance Pro: does fast credit have the best rate?



Astro Finance is a Credit Mutual financial company specializing in consumer credit.

Astro Finance offers a credit offer for individuals but is also a credit specialist for professionals, Astro Finance pro. Fast credit is accelerated by professionals compared to conventional credit. Astro Finance pro is distributed at the point of sale by professionals. This is not a credit offer for the pros.

Astro Finance pro’s offers

For Astro Finance pro, credit is quick because it is a credit that is made directly at the point of sale. The professionals who will distribute this type of credit to you are as well car dealers, motorcycle dealers as building professionals. For all these professionals, it is important to be able to offer to pay for your vehicle in several installments or to pay for your work in installments. These offers the speed of these Astro Finance pro offers is due to the fact that the professional will have you sign the Astro Finance credit contract directly and it is he too who will be responsible for collecting your supporting documents. Finally, he will send the file to Astro Finance pro to obtain agreement on your financing. This is also a reason why it is fast credit.

By cons not sure that you get the best rate. If you are looking for the best credit with the lowest rate, the only way to make sure that you are not going to pay too many agios and too expensive is to compare. This is why we have created a credit comparator:

Thanks to our exclusive system, not only will you get the right classification whatever the project, but you will also be able to know what the chances are of actually obtaining this best rate. You can therefore calmly compare the rate of Astro Finance pro credit with the best on the market. Our credit comparison is based on the taeg rate, the benchmark rate of the Banque de France.

Astro Finance Pro fast credit

Astro Finance Pro fast credit

Fast credit doesn’t really exist as such. The law even rather tightened the conditions for distributing credit, including for credit distributed by professionals such as Astro Finance pro credit.
For a fast credit, count nevertheless a minimum delay of a fortnight because it will take the time that you receive the credit contract, that you complete it, that you make your photocopies of supporting documents, that you return the complete file and that it be studied and validated by the credit organization like Astro Finance and finally that it transfers the funds to you.

Why is Astro Finance pro credit fast credit? In fact, this is explained by the fact that certain steps are carried out by the professional who plays the role of intermediary in banking operations for Astro Finance. You will therefore save time.

If you want to find the best credit and the lowest rates, use the exclusive Bankate comparator!

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